Friday, May 4, 2012

Start Throwing In the Neons

Today I went shopping for Mother's Day gifts. I have 3 moms to get to. My mum of course, Omar's mom (she is great) and his grandmother. I got my mum's and his grandma's gift down but I still have to get his mom's. I plan on getting her a handmade initial necklace from a shop on Etsy. Hopefully it comes in time :O

This is the face I make at strangers when they stare at me for being
weird and taking so many pictured of myself in public.

Earrings are from F21.

Earlier I went bike riding (and I fell off my bike :( I hurt my knee) so no heels for me today. 
I'm wearing leggings from Target. 
My shirt I'm pretty sure is also from Target except it's thrifted.I got it for a dollar! 
It has to be a couple years old because I don't ever remember seeing this at Target.
Anyway, I like it because it's denim and I love denim shirts.:)

My purse here is looooovely. I love the neon pink, although you can't really grasp the power of the neon in these pictures. I got the purse at Charlotte Russe for 5 dollahs! Last one too! I've been buying a lot of neon accessories and clothes. So, be prepared to see color splashes in the upcoming posts!
I'm excited! 

Check out my sparkly socks from F21.

 MORE fuchsia lipstick because it is awesome.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Church Appropriate

Today was extremely hot and humid. UGH. Why am I not naked then, you ask? 
Well, because I had to go to church today for my sister's confirmation ceremony. 
It would have been rather inappropriate if I went over there in booty shorts, so I wore this. 

This shirt is once again from Sears. Another UK French Connection 4 dollar find. 
I love that it's sheer, and although sheer doesn't sound like something you would wear to church IDC because I did. It was simply too damn hot. 

At first I was a little iffy about the big bow hanging on my chest. I wasn't sure if it would compliment me because (believe it or not) I'm a little bit "busty" so I didn't want it to make me look bulkier in that area, but I think it turned out fine no? 
My shoes are knock offs from Sears (? lmao) and I got them a while ago. They're alright for 20 bucks. 
Earrings are from F21.
Oh btw guys I dip dyed my hair. This here above would be my failed attempt at doing an ombre style to it. :/
I promise (to myself more than anyone) I will try to fix it. Put some more teal up in there.
It's actually more of a magenta than it is a bright pink. The color just shows up weird here.
It also look better from the front. I'll post up a better picture later.