Thursday, May 3, 2012

Church Appropriate

Today was extremely hot and humid. UGH. Why am I not naked then, you ask? 
Well, because I had to go to church today for my sister's confirmation ceremony. 
It would have been rather inappropriate if I went over there in booty shorts, so I wore this. 

This shirt is once again from Sears. Another UK French Connection 4 dollar find. 
I love that it's sheer, and although sheer doesn't sound like something you would wear to church IDC because I did. It was simply too damn hot. 

At first I was a little iffy about the big bow hanging on my chest. I wasn't sure if it would compliment me because (believe it or not) I'm a little bit "busty" so I didn't want it to make me look bulkier in that area, but I think it turned out fine no? 
My shoes are knock offs from Sears (? lmao) and I got them a while ago. They're alright for 20 bucks. 
Earrings are from F21.
Oh btw guys I dip dyed my hair. This here above would be my failed attempt at doing an ombre style to it. :/
I promise (to myself more than anyone) I will try to fix it. Put some more teal up in there.
It's actually more of a magenta than it is a bright pink. The color just shows up weird here.
It also look better from the front. I'll post up a better picture later. 

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