Friday, April 27, 2012

Solid Shoes Are Not as Fun as Not Solid Shoes

I have been wanting to do this for a while and the other day I was walking by Blick and decided to go for it.
I bought these pair of canvas shoes at Urban Outfitters. They have this pretty good deal of buy 2 for 30. I only got the ones because quite frankly I didn't like any others. I had been trying to find shoes in a color similar to these. Vans actually has these really pretty minty ones I wanted but they run at about 50 bucks and after finding them on Zappos ( I<3 Zappos) for 35 I refused to pay any more for them. Sad thing about that: THEY DID NOT HAVE MY SIZE. So, I got these which I like better because the color is so much brighter (and since they're cheaper I would not feel as bad painting on them and putting them at risk of disaster if my painting plan went wrong) the only downfall is that they're not as good quality but they'll do.

I got this cool fabric acrylic paint at about 4 bucks a jar (?) and Blick has a good variety of colors. I chose the gold and silver metallic ones because, well I like 'em, you guys can pick any colors though!

Painting your shoes is actually VERY easy. All you need is that paint, a pencil, and a dryer, a brush, oh and shoes of course. 

You can start off by sketching a couple of designs on paper if you're not sure what it is you want to paint yet. If you're anything like me and even if you're not sure you're just gonna go with then, then go with it! 
Start by drawing out (very lightly, especially if you're using light colors) your pattern or design. 

You can kind of erase if you mess up but if you're doing it lightly you won't really need to. 

Oh hey my nose is so big it can hold my brush for me..YAY :)
and YES this is what I look like at 2:30 AM: The time when I like to paint shoes.

Once you're done with that, just start painting over it. Be very careful and use a thin brush. I prefer a flat one, but you feel free to use a pointed one.
You can wash out the paint with soap and water but it'll still leave some hint of the color no matter what. If you're using metallics like I did, it will also leave you're entire shoe all wet glittery, which is not what we want.

I added some stuff that I had not drawn out because you can always change your mind and add things to give it the final touch. Just have fun with it.
Make sure to do the exact same thing to the other shoe or something close to the same thing ( I know mine are slightly different because I didn't feel like measuring. It all depends on how you want them.) unless you want each shoe different. It's on you.
Once you're done paining and designing throw them in the dryer for about 20 min (this makes the paint permanent) and..Ta-Da.

Well that is it.
Hope you guys liked my shoe post. If you guys ever make any let me know how they turn out. I love seeing other people's painted shoes. It's fun! 


  1. Wow ,great Work ♡

    Lovely Greetings :)

  2. I like this! I'm thinking about decorating a pair of mine when I have time, I used to draw on my canvas shoes all the time :)

    Fee xox

    1. You should canvas shoes are always fun,it's just about getting started!

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