Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yessss. Well enough for me to wear them to the side. It's a lot more comfortable and "me." 
And now I look 19 (maybe?) instead of like 5 with the straight bangs. 

Fuchsia lipstick, I LIKE IT.
160, Fifth Ave. Fuchsia.

I'm rather excited to wear the hell out of these.

My shirt is from the UK French Connection (you already know) and I really do love it. 
Super light and sleek (does that make sense?) and it has these lovely golden sparkly stripes throughout the shirt. Since Sears is awesome and was having some crazy sale I paid 4 bucks for it, so yes I feel pretty damn proud about that.
My booties are Steve Madden, I purchased them at DSW (basically my bff) and I've had my eye on them for a while. I was debating between these and the Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I had seen them a while ago at DSW and I ended up not buying them, afterwards I deeply regretted that. I looked for them everywhere else, at least online, and they were priced at bout 160 EVERYWHERE. 
Yesterday though, I had this crazy idea that DSW might still have them so I went over at about 2 hours before closing time and I FOUND THEM. 
and here comes the best part..
They were only 35 dollars ;]
So obviously I scooped them up and took my happy ass back home. 

Btw guys, this is the little lady who takes my photographs <3
Kassandy. My seester.
And yes she's 10.


  1. Bless your little sister for taking your photos! The little lady has talent!

    I love your top here and your shade of lipstick, you look so sophisticated and chic!
    Now following your blog :)
    Stop by and visit mine sometime, would love to know what you think :)

    Sophie-Mayanne xox

  2. Thank you!! and yeah def agree with her having some talent ha!

  3. I can believe your top was only $4!! So cute. And your fringe looks lovely :)

  4. Thank you Rebecca! I couldn't even believe it was only four dollars! Lol.

  5. Wow, those shoes are perfect. They really make this outfit a great success!
    Oh, and there is a Fashionology give-away on my blog, maybe you'd like to enter?

    Anne from WOLF359

  6. Thank you! I would loooooooove to!

  7. Such a lovely post: these shoots are great!
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  8. Thank you, I'm now following you!