Thursday, April 5, 2012


More work. More joggers and T's. 
Today though, I even straightened mah herr. Later on through the day I realized it was completely pointless because it was so damn windy. I do live in Chicago so why am I complaining you ask? I don't know.
Let's move on though, I really like this shirt. It is probably one of my favorite shirts in the whole wide world! Okay, maybe not but I really like it. I think all the colors and the sleeves are pretty and it's super comfy. It's just over all greatness. It's from Sears :D 

So like I clearly stated before it was freaking windy and I simply did not manage to get a picture where my face wasn't being attacked by my hair. 

 I got this belt at the thrift store for a dollar am I cool yet?

I borrowed this, it's Susy's (seester) purse from Spring.

The shorts are from the thrift store and I only paid *drum roll please..druuuummm druuummm (is that what a drum roll sounds like?) ONE DOLLAR! (I'm definitely cool now.)
Funny thing about these, they were actually  really long shorts. They went down to my knees and let's face it that just wouldn't be a flattering look, at least for me, so I decided to alter them. 
I'm not a big fancy sewer nor do I own a sewing machine so this was obviously a super easy project. 
I literally just cut off the legs, I left them a little longer than I actually wanted. I left enough room to roll up the ends, and after that I just did some quick stitching and VOILA! 
(Just make sure both ends are even or you'll just look a fool, unless that's the look you're going for then by all means proceed and good luck.)
I honestly hate paying large amounts for "vintage" clothes when you can find great stuff at great prices and any thrift store. I know high waisted shorts are currently in style and many places sell them for more than the low waisted shorts and it irks me when they're just simple jean shorts.  

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