Monday, April 9, 2012

Pretty Lazee Look

Today is Monday and like your average human being it was a lazy "don't want to do anything" type of day, and it was reflected in my outfit. To me "lazy" doesn't always mean sloppy and awfully terrible, I strongly believe you can look aight without trying too hard.
Oh hei guys there's a STOP sign behind me.

Why yes, yes I do have a belly button.

This here is literally my LAZY LOOK. I always end up wearing some version of this outfit when I don't wanna try. These jeans from F21 are my most comfortable and they kinda make me feel like I look good. (If you don't already have a pair of jeans that does that for you..FIND ONE.)
The crop top is from H&M, I actually got it on the quicks (without really knowing if I would wear it again) for some choir concert presentation I had back in high school and now I love it.
I currently don't have any "comfy" shoes or I guess sneaker so I borrowed Susy's. They're from F21 and they were like 10 bucks! 
I have this pretty aqua colored necklace (from Sears hehe) and I liked the way it kinda matched with the shoes without being the exact same blue. Plus, it also adds a "girly" touch to mah lazeeeeee look.


  1. Lovely blog with so many inspiring ideas! Love your work:)
    Would you like to follow each other?

  2. Thank you! Sure, I already did!