Friday, March 30, 2012

Lumberjack Approved

Today I went a little more casual because it was pouring this morning and let's face it, mad rain= cuddle weather. YOU CAN'T CUDDLE IN UNCOMFORTABLE CLOTHES!
Well, you can but that would be uncomfortable no?
I do like this tree.

Sequence on shoulders? Always a good idea.

I'd like to point out that these are small wedges but nonetheless they are wedges! I hate flats, or as my peers and I call them "grandma shoes."

The shirt is from F21. I'm not big on plaid but this one is comfy and warm. I wore this navy cardigan over it because I liked the way the sequence gave my "lumberjack" look a touch of glamour (if that is even possible.)

I wanted to give the outfit some color and I thought the yellow really popped, this purse I got at Target about..a million years ago :D
 These are great shoes ya wanna know why? GREAT! I will tell you! They are Steve Madden suede wedges that I got from some lady down the block for only 6 dollars! She was having a yard sale and she just happened to be the same shoe size as me and had a ton of shoes for sale.
Too bad these were the only ones I liked. 


I worked longer shifts than usual these last two days so I didn't wear anything exclusive, just joggers and an over sized uniform. What I did do though, is my sister's (Susy) nails with craft glitter. I saw it on YouTube and I gave it a try.
Here's what you need: Craft glitter ( I got a five pack at Walgreens), clear nail-polish, some form of small brush ( I literally got mine from some drawer in my bathroom), a sheet of paper, Q-Tips, a filer (optional)

File your nails if you need to, or want to. Ya know? Whatever makes your heart warm inside.

Apply a thick coat of the clear nail-polish, do not let it dry. This is what's gonna make the glitter stick to yo nails!

Then sprinkle the sprinkles! a good amount over your nail. 
Make sure to place the sheet of paper underneath to avoid making a glitter mess because that stuff's like sand my friend. IT TRAVELS.

Take the brush and gently press the glitter to your nail to make sure it REALLY sticks to the nail-polish. 
Kind of brush off the edges to clean it up.

Now, put a thick coat of the clear nail-polish over the glitter. Once that has dried just give it two more coats or whatever you feel is necessary. Just don't do more than 10 because..well, that's just weird. 

Finally use the Q-Tips to  wipe or scrub off the excess glitter on the edges. 


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Bloo

Omar gave me these cute oxfords from Aldo for my birthday! (they are actually huge on me.)

My bff Lilly gave me this bracelet for my birthday too, I really love the chain in it.
Also, I have now made it seem like everything I own was given to me on my birthday.
I swear this just coincidental. 

Why yes, yes I am standing on a scale. I'm not sure why though.

Today is an "ugh" day. I am not sure why. I've been so tired lately womp womp womp. Omar and I went to the movies today, we watched 21 Jump Street. I liked it, a lot. GO WATCH IT! 

Anyway, I have this obsession with the whole "denim on denim" look. I just think it's great, I love blue and stuff so yes I love denim! The button up I am wearing is from the French Connection Collection from Sears (again, I know) and I got it for only 7 bucks! SEARS FTW! 
It's actually pretty big on me seeing it's an XS but I tied it at the bottom and voila! 
The jeans are striped Levi's jeggings, I swear I bought them a few weeks ago, and already they don't fit me anymore. 
In the morning it was a little chilly so I decided to keep the light wash denim theme and I threw on this white jean jacket. It's thrifted Old Navy, for only 3 dollars!! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Comfy Blues

It's cold again.

Okay, so I do understand I look like a fool here, but I like this picture because you can see my dog getting ready to poop.:D

Check out this cool pin! My boyfriend go it for me at Navy Pier. I love it!

Today I did not do my hair and it's weird looking but HEY!

It's spring, I KNOW but I live in Chicago so the weather can never make up its mind. Today I was so tired, I hadn't had good sleep in forever (Until today. I took like a 5 hour nap. YES.) so I wanted to wear something comfortable. The sweater I have here is awesome, my boyfriend (Omar) gave it to me. His aunt had brought it to him as a gift from her trip to Barcelona and well, let's be honest it's a tad bit girly so I kept it. It's like this pretty blue (periwinkle?) color with this cool feather turning into birds design on it. Now remember I am 5'2? Well, Omar is 6'1 and rather large compared to me, so this sweater is pretty big and so I normally wear leggings with it but being 48 degrees I wore jeggings! These jeggings are actually thrifted Levi's . I got them for only 3 dollars at Unique thrift store and they fit great! 

Since the weather and the colors blue and black can be a little dull I decided to wear some bright fuchia lipstick to give it that spring touch. It's actually some one dollar Wet n' Wild lipstick. Not the best quality but it did the trick this morning. To add a bit more color I decided to wear these Navajo like printed socks that showed through my Docs (which Omar also gave to me!)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Bun

I don't generally do my hair and when I do believe me when I tell you it is effortless. So that is my lame bun. 

This bow I got for 1 dollar! Street Vendors by my school rock!

I have a dog and I like him. Egore <3

So this shirt I got for 7$ YES! It's from the UK Style French Connection at Sears. It was originally priced for like 30 bucks or something. Now I know Sears seems a little "ugh" and "older suburban white mother of three" than "urban fashionable teenager" but you'd be surprised my friends! You just gotta dig! Now check this, the obviously fake leather leggings I'm wearing here are also from Sears. The Kardashian Collection (Kollection?) I got them for about 16 bucks and that's a tad bit overpriced for me but I could not find cheaper ones that looked good, regardless I was satisfied with these. The booties I'm wearing are wedges and super uncomfortable but if they look good they look good right? WRONG. I'm just kidding. I actually got them for 20$ at UO they're some form of suede and look pretty cool. I'm not big on accesories I'm not sure why so I usually keep it simple. These earrings were about 5$? at Payless! YEAH BUDDY!

Embracin' the Asian

About a week ago I decided to get a haircut and while I asked for a trim on my very long bangs I ended up with these. 

I just look Asian.

I'd like to mention I am 19 years old and 5'2. Yes that short, oh well. Now, I decided to start a blog because I am a very "thrify" (ahmm cheap) person but I like to look good. I'd like to share my beliefs and tricks to looking fashionable without spending all the money in the world. I am not saying I am some crazy fashion designing fashionista, I just like what I like and you can take what you like from this.   

With that being said let's move on to yesterdays outfit. I really wanted to wear this great navy blazer I got at H&M for 20$ (originally 50$) and I took advantage of this crazy Chicago weather to wear it. I finally shaved my legs and put some shorts I had purchased last summer at the thrift store for only 3$. This way I wouldn't look businessy. I had recently got some comfy thigh highs from Target for about 3$  and since it was warm but not hot I threw them on (hella uncomftable though.) I used an old racerback tank from Urban Outfitters to give the outfit some color. I wore my Doc Martens because well, I love them and they look good with anything!! (not really) Finally I picked one of my favorite purses, I got it on sale for 20$ at Urban Outfitters (terrible quality btw) I felt  the off white complimented the shirt.