Monday, March 26, 2012

Comfy Blues

It's cold again.

Okay, so I do understand I look like a fool here, but I like this picture because you can see my dog getting ready to poop.:D

Check out this cool pin! My boyfriend go it for me at Navy Pier. I love it!

Today I did not do my hair and it's weird looking but HEY!

It's spring, I KNOW but I live in Chicago so the weather can never make up its mind. Today I was so tired, I hadn't had good sleep in forever (Until today. I took like a 5 hour nap. YES.) so I wanted to wear something comfortable. The sweater I have here is awesome, my boyfriend (Omar) gave it to me. His aunt had brought it to him as a gift from her trip to Barcelona and well, let's be honest it's a tad bit girly so I kept it. It's like this pretty blue (periwinkle?) color with this cool feather turning into birds design on it. Now remember I am 5'2? Well, Omar is 6'1 and rather large compared to me, so this sweater is pretty big and so I normally wear leggings with it but being 48 degrees I wore jeggings! These jeggings are actually thrifted Levi's . I got them for only 3 dollars at Unique thrift store and they fit great! 

Since the weather and the colors blue and black can be a little dull I decided to wear some bright fuchia lipstick to give it that spring touch. It's actually some one dollar Wet n' Wild lipstick. Not the best quality but it did the trick this morning. To add a bit more color I decided to wear these Navajo like printed socks that showed through my Docs (which Omar also gave to me!)


  1. I like your style! You're very pretty, you remind me of a geisha. Perhaps it's because your eyes are so far apart. Will definitely follow!

  2. Haha thank you! It's true my eyes are miles apart :( oh well!