Friday, March 30, 2012


I worked longer shifts than usual these last two days so I didn't wear anything exclusive, just joggers and an over sized uniform. What I did do though, is my sister's (Susy) nails with craft glitter. I saw it on YouTube and I gave it a try.
Here's what you need: Craft glitter ( I got a five pack at Walgreens), clear nail-polish, some form of small brush ( I literally got mine from some drawer in my bathroom), a sheet of paper, Q-Tips, a filer (optional)

File your nails if you need to, or want to. Ya know? Whatever makes your heart warm inside.

Apply a thick coat of the clear nail-polish, do not let it dry. This is what's gonna make the glitter stick to yo nails!

Then sprinkle the sprinkles! a good amount over your nail. 
Make sure to place the sheet of paper underneath to avoid making a glitter mess because that stuff's like sand my friend. IT TRAVELS.

Take the brush and gently press the glitter to your nail to make sure it REALLY sticks to the nail-polish. 
Kind of brush off the edges to clean it up.

Now, put a thick coat of the clear nail-polish over the glitter. Once that has dried just give it two more coats or whatever you feel is necessary. Just don't do more than 10 because..well, that's just weird. 

Finally use the Q-Tips to  wipe or scrub off the excess glitter on the edges. 


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