Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Bloo

Omar gave me these cute oxfords from Aldo for my birthday! (they are actually huge on me.)

My bff Lilly gave me this bracelet for my birthday too, I really love the chain in it.
Also, I have now made it seem like everything I own was given to me on my birthday.
I swear this just coincidental. 

Why yes, yes I am standing on a scale. I'm not sure why though.

Today is an "ugh" day. I am not sure why. I've been so tired lately womp womp womp. Omar and I went to the movies today, we watched 21 Jump Street. I liked it, a lot. GO WATCH IT! 

Anyway, I have this obsession with the whole "denim on denim" look. I just think it's great, I love blue and stuff so yes I love denim! The button up I am wearing is from the French Connection Collection from Sears (again, I know) and I got it for only 7 bucks! SEARS FTW! 
It's actually pretty big on me seeing it's an XS but I tied it at the bottom and voila! 
The jeans are striped Levi's jeggings, I swear I bought them a few weeks ago, and already they don't fit me anymore. 
In the morning it was a little chilly so I decided to keep the light wash denim theme and I threw on this white jean jacket. It's thrifted Old Navy, for only 3 dollars!! 

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