Sunday, March 25, 2012

Embracin' the Asian

About a week ago I decided to get a haircut and while I asked for a trim on my very long bangs I ended up with these. 

I just look Asian.

I'd like to mention I am 19 years old and 5'2. Yes that short, oh well. Now, I decided to start a blog because I am a very "thrify" (ahmm cheap) person but I like to look good. I'd like to share my beliefs and tricks to looking fashionable without spending all the money in the world. I am not saying I am some crazy fashion designing fashionista, I just like what I like and you can take what you like from this.   

With that being said let's move on to yesterdays outfit. I really wanted to wear this great navy blazer I got at H&M for 20$ (originally 50$) and I took advantage of this crazy Chicago weather to wear it. I finally shaved my legs and put some shorts I had purchased last summer at the thrift store for only 3$. This way I wouldn't look businessy. I had recently got some comfy thigh highs from Target for about 3$  and since it was warm but not hot I threw them on (hella uncomftable though.) I used an old racerback tank from Urban Outfitters to give the outfit some color. I wore my Doc Martens because well, I love them and they look good with anything!! (not really) Finally I picked one of my favorite purses, I got it on sale for 20$ at Urban Outfitters (terrible quality btw) I felt  the off white complimented the shirt. 

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