Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Bun

I don't generally do my hair and when I do believe me when I tell you it is effortless. So that is my lame bun. 

This bow I got for 1 dollar! Street Vendors by my school rock!

I have a dog and I like him. Egore <3

So this shirt I got for 7$ YES! It's from the UK Style French Connection at Sears. It was originally priced for like 30 bucks or something. Now I know Sears seems a little "ugh" and "older suburban white mother of three" than "urban fashionable teenager" but you'd be surprised my friends! You just gotta dig! Now check this, the obviously fake leather leggings I'm wearing here are also from Sears. The Kardashian Collection (Kollection?) I got them for about 16 bucks and that's a tad bit overpriced for me but I could not find cheaper ones that looked good, regardless I was satisfied with these. The booties I'm wearing are wedges and super uncomfortable but if they look good they look good right? WRONG. I'm just kidding. I actually got them for 20$ at UO they're some form of suede and look pretty cool. I'm not big on accesories I'm not sure why so I usually keep it simple. These earrings were about 5$? at Payless! YEAH BUDDY!

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