Friday, March 30, 2012

Lumberjack Approved

Today I went a little more casual because it was pouring this morning and let's face it, mad rain= cuddle weather. YOU CAN'T CUDDLE IN UNCOMFORTABLE CLOTHES!
Well, you can but that would be uncomfortable no?
I do like this tree.

Sequence on shoulders? Always a good idea.

I'd like to point out that these are small wedges but nonetheless they are wedges! I hate flats, or as my peers and I call them "grandma shoes."

The shirt is from F21. I'm not big on plaid but this one is comfy and warm. I wore this navy cardigan over it because I liked the way the sequence gave my "lumberjack" look a touch of glamour (if that is even possible.)

I wanted to give the outfit some color and I thought the yellow really popped, this purse I got at Target about..a million years ago :D
 These are great shoes ya wanna know why? GREAT! I will tell you! They are Steve Madden suede wedges that I got from some lady down the block for only 6 dollars! She was having a yard sale and she just happened to be the same shoe size as me and had a ton of shoes for sale.
Too bad these were the only ones I liked. 

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