Friday, April 27, 2012

Solid Shoes Are Not as Fun as Not Solid Shoes

I have been wanting to do this for a while and the other day I was walking by Blick and decided to go for it.
I bought these pair of canvas shoes at Urban Outfitters. They have this pretty good deal of buy 2 for 30. I only got the ones because quite frankly I didn't like any others. I had been trying to find shoes in a color similar to these. Vans actually has these really pretty minty ones I wanted but they run at about 50 bucks and after finding them on Zappos ( I<3 Zappos) for 35 I refused to pay any more for them. Sad thing about that: THEY DID NOT HAVE MY SIZE. So, I got these which I like better because the color is so much brighter (and since they're cheaper I would not feel as bad painting on them and putting them at risk of disaster if my painting plan went wrong) the only downfall is that they're not as good quality but they'll do.

I got this cool fabric acrylic paint at about 4 bucks a jar (?) and Blick has a good variety of colors. I chose the gold and silver metallic ones because, well I like 'em, you guys can pick any colors though!

Painting your shoes is actually VERY easy. All you need is that paint, a pencil, and a dryer, a brush, oh and shoes of course. 

You can start off by sketching a couple of designs on paper if you're not sure what it is you want to paint yet. If you're anything like me and even if you're not sure you're just gonna go with then, then go with it! 
Start by drawing out (very lightly, especially if you're using light colors) your pattern or design. 

You can kind of erase if you mess up but if you're doing it lightly you won't really need to. 

Oh hey my nose is so big it can hold my brush for me..YAY :)
and YES this is what I look like at 2:30 AM: The time when I like to paint shoes.

Once you're done with that, just start painting over it. Be very careful and use a thin brush. I prefer a flat one, but you feel free to use a pointed one.
You can wash out the paint with soap and water but it'll still leave some hint of the color no matter what. If you're using metallics like I did, it will also leave you're entire shoe all wet glittery, which is not what we want.

I added some stuff that I had not drawn out because you can always change your mind and add things to give it the final touch. Just have fun with it.
Make sure to do the exact same thing to the other shoe or something close to the same thing ( I know mine are slightly different because I didn't feel like measuring. It all depends on how you want them.) unless you want each shoe different. It's on you.
Once you're done paining and designing throw them in the dryer for about 20 min (this makes the paint permanent) and..Ta-Da.

Well that is it.
Hope you guys liked my shoe post. If you guys ever make any let me know how they turn out. I love seeing other people's painted shoes. It's fun! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yessss. Well enough for me to wear them to the side. It's a lot more comfortable and "me." 
And now I look 19 (maybe?) instead of like 5 with the straight bangs. 

Fuchsia lipstick, I LIKE IT.
160, Fifth Ave. Fuchsia.

I'm rather excited to wear the hell out of these.

My shirt is from the UK French Connection (you already know) and I really do love it. 
Super light and sleek (does that make sense?) and it has these lovely golden sparkly stripes throughout the shirt. Since Sears is awesome and was having some crazy sale I paid 4 bucks for it, so yes I feel pretty damn proud about that.
My booties are Steve Madden, I purchased them at DSW (basically my bff) and I've had my eye on them for a while. I was debating between these and the Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I had seen them a while ago at DSW and I ended up not buying them, afterwards I deeply regretted that. I looked for them everywhere else, at least online, and they were priced at bout 160 EVERYWHERE. 
Yesterday though, I had this crazy idea that DSW might still have them so I went over at about 2 hours before closing time and I FOUND THEM. 
and here comes the best part..
They were only 35 dollars ;]
So obviously I scooped them up and took my happy ass back home. 

Btw guys, this is the little lady who takes my photographs <3
Kassandy. My seester.
And yes she's 10.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Raspberry Stripes

Hey guys. Yesterday I went out and did some shopping, for me and my parent's house. They're remodeling and well I've been doing a lot painting and stuff around here. Anyway, I actually just  had to quickly take these photographs right at the bus stop I was at, haha.
(Also excuse my hair, the wind always blows hard.)

I really think this shirt is very "cute" ( I don't normally like the term cute because it makes me think of kittens and baby toes) I love the way it ties in the back allowing you to show some skin without being too cold. 
I also like the color its very raspberry looking. YUM.

The shirt is actually from the UK French Connection at Sears (I went shopping remember? Brace yourself, they had a crazy sale, so expect a lot more of this Sears obsession of mine :D) It was actually only about 7 dollars. Oh yeaaah, and as for the shorts, they're thrifted, and I probably paid like 1 dollar for them!

You like my neon yellow nails? I DO!

My lovely orphan looking boots are from H&M.
 They actually remind me of Anastasia's boots)

You see the resemblance no?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Without You - Lana Del Rey


Pretty Lazee Look

Today is Monday and like your average human being it was a lazy "don't want to do anything" type of day, and it was reflected in my outfit. To me "lazy" doesn't always mean sloppy and awfully terrible, I strongly believe you can look aight without trying too hard.
Oh hei guys there's a STOP sign behind me.

Why yes, yes I do have a belly button.

This here is literally my LAZY LOOK. I always end up wearing some version of this outfit when I don't wanna try. These jeans from F21 are my most comfortable and they kinda make me feel like I look good. (If you don't already have a pair of jeans that does that for you..FIND ONE.)
The crop top is from H&M, I actually got it on the quicks (without really knowing if I would wear it again) for some choir concert presentation I had back in high school and now I love it.
I currently don't have any "comfy" shoes or I guess sneaker so I borrowed Susy's. They're from F21 and they were like 10 bucks! 
I have this pretty aqua colored necklace (from Sears hehe) and I liked the way it kinda matched with the shoes without being the exact same blue. Plus, it also adds a "girly" touch to mah lazeeeeee look.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flowers Are Pretty

My awesome oxfords have gold glitter on them. YUM. 
I got them at Marshalls! 16$?

The dress is from H&M, another 10 dollar find.  It was kind of cold outside, or maybe just for me because I am getting sick so I felt like I had to wear the tights (not that I am too fond of them and I probably won't be wearing them like this again.)
The dress is really simple and so I wore my jean jacket, I really like the way it just completes the outfit. Rollin' up the sleeves=automatic badass? Yes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Black Dress

I have this dress I bought a while back. It's from H&M and it was only 10 bucks! 
I liked everything about it, the top part is some form of velvety goodness and the skirt is obviously tulle. 
The thing with "The Little Black Dress" is that you can dress it up or dress it down. Since I had previously worn this to my family's Christmas dinner, I wanted to wear it casually. I took this old button shirt from F21 to cover up the thin straps because it's still chilly. I wanted you to still be able to see the velvety part so I tied it relatively low.  It's an easy way to make a Little Black Dress casual. 
Throw in some tights and you got it.

Check out my HOT PINK nails. I really love this nail polish. Got it at Sally Beauty Supply. It literally dries within seconds, which is great for me because I cannot sit still for too long and I always mess up my nails.

Dear Bangs, 
Grow faster please. Pretty, pretty, pretty please. 
Ale <3

I wore these socks because I wanted to give the outfit more ummff and color.
Plus, they are super warm and comfy. Gotta love Target.
This here is a really bad picture of how I wore it this Christmas. Well, that is that.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


More work. More joggers and T's. 
Today though, I even straightened mah herr. Later on through the day I realized it was completely pointless because it was so damn windy. I do live in Chicago so why am I complaining you ask? I don't know.
Let's move on though, I really like this shirt. It is probably one of my favorite shirts in the whole wide world! Okay, maybe not but I really like it. I think all the colors and the sleeves are pretty and it's super comfy. It's just over all greatness. It's from Sears :D 

So like I clearly stated before it was freaking windy and I simply did not manage to get a picture where my face wasn't being attacked by my hair. 

 I got this belt at the thrift store for a dollar am I cool yet?

I borrowed this, it's Susy's (seester) purse from Spring.

The shorts are from the thrift store and I only paid *drum roll please..druuuummm druuummm (is that what a drum roll sounds like?) ONE DOLLAR! (I'm definitely cool now.)
Funny thing about these, they were actually  really long shorts. They went down to my knees and let's face it that just wouldn't be a flattering look, at least for me, so I decided to alter them. 
I'm not a big fancy sewer nor do I own a sewing machine so this was obviously a super easy project. 
I literally just cut off the legs, I left them a little longer than I actually wanted. I left enough room to roll up the ends, and after that I just did some quick stitching and VOILA! 
(Just make sure both ends are even or you'll just look a fool, unless that's the look you're going for then by all means proceed and good luck.)
I honestly hate paying large amounts for "vintage" clothes when you can find great stuff at great prices and any thrift store. I know high waisted shorts are currently in style and many places sell them for more than the low waisted shorts and it irks me when they're just simple jean shorts.